Our Mission Statement

Blue Genetics is committed to provide our customers and partners access to uniquely improved family lines of Litopenaeus vannamei broodstock that will enable fast growth, high level of disease resistance, full traceability and a unique environmental stewardship.

By using industry leading techniques, exceptional teamwork and innovative genetic analysis the Company will create, directly or with local partners, world class breeding centers that apply the underlying principles of reliability, consistency, traceability and environmental responsibility.

Our offering is unique because we are the first company to report on an industrial scale the use of DNA tracking of our shrimp parentage. This advanced tracking system combined with a sophisticated data base gives us an unequalled edge. Our use of DNA parentage allows us to follow and select the best animals for breeding purposes. This approach enables us to produce different lines for different environmental conditions and/or market requirements so that we can offer the best suitable product adapted to every individual market place.