Mission statement

Blue Genetics is committed to provide our customers and partners access to a unique offeringof improving family lines of Litopenaeusvannamei brood stock that will enable the customer to experience fast growth, high level of resistance against diseases, full traceability and a unique environmental stewardship.

By using industry leading techniques, exceptional teamwork and innovative genetic analysis the Company will create, directly or with local partners, world class breeding centers that apply the underlying principles of reliability, consistency, traceability and environmental responsibility.

Our offering is unique because we are the first company to report on an industrial scale the use of DNA tracking of our shrimp parentage. This advanced tracking system combined with a sophisticated data base gives us anunequalled edge. Our use of DNA parentage allows us to follow and select the best animals for breeding purposes. This approach enables us to produce different lines for different environmental conditions and/or market requirements so that we can offerthe best suitable productadapted to every individual market place.

Who are we?

Blue Genetics Holding is a subsidiary of the French company Groupe Grimaud (http://www.grimaud.com/en/ ).

The expertise of Groupe Grimaud is in the field of genetic selection, analysis and bio pharmacy. Groupe Grimaud is the world’s second largest multi-species breeding company (pig, chicken broiler and layer, duck, rabbit, shrimp, etc.). It has an industrial presence in 10 countries and sales in more than 100 countries. The group realizes a yearly turnover of over US$350 million and has over 2,100 employees.

Specifically for the Pacific white shrimp program Groupe Grimaud has partnered with Grupo Mahr from Mexico to bring the extensive practical experience, the production facilities and the unrivaled brood stock into the Group (http://www.acuamahr.com/en/ ).

Grupo Mahr is since many years a leading player in the shrimp business (genetic program and farming) and is located in Baja California Sur, an isolated bio-secure state in Mexico. They realize sales of over 800 million PL per year with a turnover of US$4 million.

Blue Genetics Holding and Grupo Mahr have jointly created Blue Genetics Mexico, our Genetic Nucleus. The brood stock lines of Blue Genetics Mexico originate from the stocks previously held by Acuacultura Mahr. These lines originated from the APSA (Acuacultores de La Paz, Mexico), a breeding program initiated in 1995 with different generations of mass selection. This population s now composed of various origins from wild Mexican animals completed by Colombian, Ecuadorian and Venezuelan genetic material.

While the selective breeding program is already ongoing for 18 years and Grupo Mahr has established itself as the market leader in the sales of PL in Mexico, the program got a very strong upgrade since the participation of Groupe Grimaud through the creation of Blue Genetics Mexico introducing new high-end DNA sequencing technology and years of experience in multi-species selection.

Recently Blue Genetics Vietnam (BGVN) was created for the production and sales of Post Larvae on the local Vietnamese market based on this genetic material. BGVN will produce more than 1 billion Post Larvae per year and will make the product available in the whole of Vietnam.

Blue Genetics is further studying other potential regions to select strong partners to set up the distribution of our products so as to make the product available in all shrimp producing areas.

Technologies used

Successful shrimp farming in the 21st Century requires the use and application of the latest advances in genetics and the highest possible technological input. The traditional methods can not satisfy the increasing demand for highly adapted shrimp.

The vast experience with multiple-species platforms available in our company makes Blue Genetics the leader in the field of genetic marker assisted selection technology:

  1. We are the first company to systematically apply the use of DNA tracking to our shrimp parentage on an industrial scale. While other companies are still trying to get functioning DNA tracking started, we are today the only company with this ability to come out with a commercial product. Without doubt this will be the only way forward in the long term.
  1. Using our parent company’s long and successful involvement in animal genetic improvement, we at Blue Genetics have realized an advanced database of DNA parentage. This allows us to follow and select the best animals for breeding purposes, and even create different strains for different local conditions and/or requirements. It is very import to adapt our product to the environment of our customer, as for sure the environment will not adapt to our needs.
  1. We have the ability to trace the direct lineage of all our best performing shrimp anywhere in the world, and continue the selection based on the best breeding families while avoiding inbreeding. Using this unique strength we can easily identify the best possible combinations for each market environment.

Blue Genetics has a proven track record:

  • Acuacultura Mahr together using Blue Genetics stocks has consistently produced over 44 tons of white shrimp per hectare per 100 day cycle at 12 grams per shrimp in high density conditions (more than 400 PL per square meter) at a model farm in Mexico.
  • Blue Genetics employs electronic tags (PIT tags) as a way to mark all selected individuals in order to have optimum control on mating schemes.
  • Blue Genetics has been able to achieve hybrid vigor using two different genetic lines. Hybrid vigor is the improved function of any desirable biological quality in a hybrid offspring.

Given our unique and continued selection technology we achieve a systematic 10 to 15% increase in performance with each generation under similar environmental conditions.