Broodstock, Parent PL and PL

Blue Genetics is offering Adult Broodstock, Parent Post Larvae and Post Larvae to the market.

Adult broodstock has the advantage to be ready for production without delay, but the major issue is the cost of transportation. All adult broodstock will be provided from our installations in the special bio-secure state of Baja California Sur in Mexico. They will have certificates of origin and certificate of health issued by the proper Mexican authorities certifying the SPF status.

For markets that are far away from Mexico we would rather recommend to ship Parent PL to our recognized multiplication centers, who will grow the PL received from Baja California Sur to breeders in these centers. This allows substantial savings in air transportation while at the same time achieve that the breeders are fully adapted to the local environment when they go in production. The time to mature the PL to breeders is about 6 months.All brood stock, whether in the form of adult animals or Post Larvae, are produced at our highly bio-secure installations in Baja California Sur (BCS) State in Mexico. The isolation of the State of BCS from continental Mexico has been a great advantage. In fact, the Health Committee of Baja California Sur State (CSABCS) has been working for the last several years in getting recognition by the national authorities (SENASICA) of SPF state. For that purpose very strict bio-security measures have been taken. These measures include amongst others the restricted import of live animals from continental Mexico and thorough disinfection of trucks used for the transportation of animals from BCS State to continental Mexico.

In Vietnam, Blue Genetics Vietnam offers  high quality PL to  the local market.