Who We Are

Groupe Grimaud has partnered with Grupo Mahr from Mexico to bring together an extensive practical experience, top class SPF production facilities and an unrivaled broodstock to create Blue Genetics Holding.

Indeed Groupe Grimaud has an extensive experience in the field of genetic selection, genetic analysis and bio pharmacy. Groupe Grimaud is the world’s second largest multi-species breeding company (pig, chicken broiler and layer, duck, rabbit, shrimp, etc.). It has a direct industrial presence in 10 countries and is commercially present in more than 100 countries. The group realizes a yearly turnover of over US$350 million and has over 2,100 employees.

Grupo Mahr is a leading player in the shrimp business (genetic program and farming) and is located in Baja California Sur, an isolated bio-secure state in Mexico. They realize sales of over 800 million PL per year with a turnover of over US$4 million.

Blue Genetics Holding and Grupo Mahr have jointly created Blue Genetics Mexico, our Genetic Nucleus. The genetic material in our Nucleus comes from a breeding program started in 1995 with different generations of mass selection of various origins: wild Mexican animals completed by Colombian, Ecuadorian and Venezuelan genetic material. Blue Genetics Mexico was able to successfully introducea new high-end DNA sequencing technology and years of experience in multi-species selection.

Recently Blue Genetics Vietnam (BGVN) was created for the production and sales of Post Larvae on the local Vietnamese market based on this genetic material. BGVN will produce more than 1 billion Post Larvae per year and will make the product available in the whole of Vietnam. Blue Genetics is further studying other potential regions to select strong partners to set up the distribution of our products to make them available in all shrimp producing areas.