Our Partners in Research

Blue Genetics is a biotech aquaculture company, fully dedicated to the application of cutting-edge technology to some of the world’s major problems in our field. Disease resistance is one of the top concerns for farmers and is therefore a top priority for Blue Genetics. We work continuously on the improvement of disease resistance as one of the major selection traits and we already have obtained astonishing results.

Indeed, in the field of aquaculture, the increased rate of inbreeding has resulted in a significant spread of disease and genetic issues that are still continuously worsening. This problem is compounded by the fact that the animals used are often not ideally suited for the environmental conditions they are raised in.

Blue Genetics have assembled a unique group of talented and successful researchers, engineers, and other experts who have been able to achieve exceptional teamwork. The company was able to create an environment where the people communicate easily, and this is fundamental to enable them to share knowledge allowing the company to stay ahead. Moreover, the company has a working partnership with renowned companies like LABOGENA and SYSAAF in France and CIBNOR in Mexico, all institutions at the forefront of scientific research.


Labogena is a laboratory for the genetic analysis of animal species. The company employs over 60 scientists specialized in molecular biology and has an exceptional expertise in this field. Learn more here.


SYSAAF is a French professional association for selection in aquaculture and poultry farming. They employ 7 scientists and 1 veterinarian specialized in the design of selection programs. Lean more here.


CIBNOR Mexico (Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas del Noroeste SC or Northwest Biological Research Center) is one of the leading marine biology institutes in Latin America. Learn more here.

In addition to our scientific expertise in the labs and tanks, Blue Genetics also has the know-how to handle the logistics and the import regulations. We know the ins and outs of sanitary and commercial regulations for the countries we want to operate in. We will work with our clients to get shipments delivered with the least amount of headaches as possible. We have also people available in the different markets we operate in to follow these issues very closely.