Blue Genetics is the first company to systematically apply the use of DNA tracking to our shrimp parentage on an industrial scale. While other companies are still trying to get functioning DNA tracking started, we are today the only company with this ability to come out with a commercial product. Without doubt this will be the only way forward in the long term.

Using our parent company’s long and successful involvement in animal genetic improvement, Blue Genetics has developed an advanced database of DNA parentage. This allows us to follow and select the best animals for production purposes, and to create different strains for different local conditions and/or requirements.

It is very important to adapt our product to the environment of our customer, as for sure the environment will not adapt to our needs.

Successful shrimp farming in the 21st Century requires the use and application of the latest advances in genetics and the highest possible technological input. The traditional methods cannot satisfy the increasing demand for highly adapted shrimp for increased production.

We have the ability to trace the direct lineage of all our best performing shrimp anywhere in the world, and continue the selection based on the best breeding families while avoiding inbreeding. Using this unique strength we can easily identify the best possible combinations for each individual market environment.

Blue Genetics has a proven track record:

  • Acuacultura Mahr using Blue Genetics stocks has consistently produced over 44 tons of white shrimp per hectare per 100-day cycle at 12 grams per shrimp in high-density conditions (more than 400 PL per square meter) at a model farm in Mexico.
  • Blue Genetics employs electronic tags (PIT tags) as a way to mark all selected individuals in order to have optimum control on mating schemes.
  • Blue Genetics has been able to achieve hybrid vigor using two different genetic lines. Hybrid vigor is the improved function of any desirable biological quality in a hybrid offspring.

Given our unique and continued selection technology we achieve a systematic 10 to 15% increase in performance with each generation under similar environmental conditions.

The vast experience with multiple-species platforms available in our parent company makes Blue Genetics the leader in the field of genetic marker assisted selection technology.