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Introduction to blue genetics


We are an international company specialized in genetic selection for White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei), providing high quality Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) Broodstock to the international markets.

Blue Genetics is a subsidiary of Groupe Grimaud, one of the world leaders in multispecies animal genetic selection, vaccines and innovative Proteins based in France and present in more than 100 countries since 1966. The Blue Genetics brand was created when Grupo Mahr and Groupe Grimaud decided to join forces in 2013. Thanks to the merger with Sea Products Development in 2022 the company was further strengthened to become a new leader in shrimp genetics.

Association with Groupe Grimaud


Being part of Groupe Grimaud allows us access to the world’s leading experts in animal genetics, as well as access to the best technologies in order to increase the efficiency of our Research and Development.

In addition to sharing know-how and pooling investments, we share the common values under the same signature “Caring for Life”, which expresses our mission to serve the value chain in 5 key categories: our Customers and Partners, our Teams, Humans, Animals and the Planet .


fourgonette de la société Pen Ar Lan, pilier de l'histoire de Choice


1998 – 2007

Foundation and evolution of Grupo Mahr, a family group of companies, industry leaders dedicated to Shrimp Hatcheries and shrimp farming in Mexico



Grupo Mahr initiated its first R&D selection program on shrimp growth lines in 2008. In 2013, Grupo Mahr and Groupe Grimaud joined forces to create the Blue Genetics brand and strengthen the performance of its genetic selection programs.

fourgonette de la société Pen Ar Lan, pilier de l'histoire de Choice



2014: Creation of Sea Products Development as part of the Global Blue Technologies companies in Taft, Texas, USA. Meantime exports to Thailand and Vietnam were started.

2015: Launch of the Resistant Line genetics program and first exports to India.

2016: SPD obtained import license in China and first exports started.

2019: Inauguration of the first Broodstock Multiplication Center in India under a Joint Venture between BMR Industries and Blue Genetics Mexico under the name BMR Blue Genetics Pvt. Ltd.

Vue aérienne du siège du groupe Grimaud, dont Choice est une filiale


since 2020

2020: Blue Genetics signs an alliance with TopGen – a leading shrimp producing company in Thailand to grow breeders for the China market from breeders provided by Blue Genetics Mexico. SPD separates from GBT Group to become an independent company.

2021: Launch of the new Blue Genetics Golden line, a very robust resistant line.

2022: Blue Genetics Mexico & Sea Products Development merged as Blue Genetics Global (BGG), a leading provider of shrimp genetics with global reach and production facilities in Mexico and USA.

Vue aérienne du siège du groupe Grimaud, dont Choice est une filiale

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