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Groupe Grimaud’s historic headquarters are located in Rousay, France (near Nantes). The activities developed include R&D centers and multi-species production centers, as well as most support services for its subsidiaries in animal genetic selection, biopharmaceutical and Novel Farming. The Groupe Grimaud is also 2,100 employees in a hundred countries and speaking more than 18 languages.

Blue genetics mexico

R&D and Nucleus Breeding Center

Blue Genetics Mexico is located in La Paz at the Gulf of Cortes, called by Jacques-Yves Cousteau “the aquarium of the world” for its isolation, pristine waters & marvelous sea ecosystem. This center develops various selection programs of the Blue Genetics lines and their associated R&D programs.

This Nucleus Breeding Center produces and supplies our worldwide customers with adult Breeders of all the latest generations. It also produces the PPL sent to specialized multiplication centers in target countries to be grown into Breeders under local conditions.

Blue Genetics USA

R&D, Hatchery, and Nucleus Breeding Center

Blue Genetics USA is located in Copano Bay, near Taft, Texas, USA. In this facility we produce shrimp postlarvae for intensive shrimp farms in the USA and Europe, and selectively bred broodstock for both fast growth and disease tolerance, specific for Asian markets. Specific selection programs are developed in this facility.


Broodstock grow out center

This Multiplication Center is a world class facility. It is the first such facility established in India by the private sector. It uses state-of-the-art equipment and adheres to stringent biosecurity measures. Its location is in an isolated area in Kavali, close to Nellore in Andra Pradesh state. It is operated by the Joint Venture between the BMR Group and Blue Genetics Mexico.

TOPGEN Aquaculture, PL Production Center

Broodstock grow out center

Blue Genetics has a close relationship with TOPGEN AQUACULTURE in Thailand. Since many years TOPGEN has been importing Parent PL from our NBC in Mexico that are raised to adult breeders in their grow-out center. After a very stringent selection process only the best breeders will be used to produce PL for the farmers.

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