Shrimp genetics

The latest breeding technology

Research &

With an investment of 10% of the yearly turnover from Groupe Grimaud in Genetics’ R&D and taking part in the GENETECH technology platform (, Blue Genetics benefits from a team of 35 scientist & researchers who developed the latest innovations and advances within the group, as genome technology, big databases (8.5 TB) and accurate phenotyping.

Such international dimension and innovative R&D aim to make products evolve on the characteristics of major economic interest as growth and resistance, naturally, taking into account our customers local production environment to combine performance, robustness and adaptation to their future expectations.

The growth

The development of our growth line is done following a two-step process, where a clear distinction is made between early growth and late growth and where both steps are developed individually.

Thanks to this approach the growth performance has dramatically improved in the latest generations and the growth performance is now amongst the best in the industry. At the same time we also monitor parameters like spawning performance providing our customers with the best possible solution.

The resistant

The resistant line has been developed over many generation through direct disease challenges. Only 1% of the best performing surviving animals are used as parents for the next generations.

Using this strong selective pressure the survival rate when challenged with WSSV has been increased from 35% to 75% in our latest generation.

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